Solace Lying in the Open Road 

It's a very beautiful feeling to be on the road again in support for this new album. A 5 month tour will be a long haul, but I can only imagine right now the great folks I'll run into and the memories that will be made. If I don't see you on the road, you can still pick up a copy of the new album, "Roots Below" on the store section of this website. See you out there! 

New album 

The album is officially complete and in our hands. Please check the "tour" section of the website, for I will be on the road promoting this album for 5 months. Most likely, I'll be heading your direction. The official Cd release show happen on Saturday, October 25th at The Lawrence Arts Center Theater. Hope to see you good folks there!

Take a look at an album review done by I Heart Local Music:


This Fall 

The new record is coming along! I am on the final stages with only a few more days in the studio to go.
Looking forward to it's release on October 25th in Lawrence Kansas at The Lawrence Arts Center Theater.

Currently booking a 5 month run around the US. Looking forward to sharing my songs, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. I will have the record available on tour this fall. See you down the road!

New Record this Fall 

Very excited to start recording my new album, "Roots Below" next week! It's been a long wait and I couldn't be more happy to be releasing this record under the label, Mudstomp Records! They have revamped and are on a new path towards great things. Keep an eye out good folks, there's a lot happening in the near future ​


Howdy Folks! Here is where I'll be this summer. Looking forward to crossing paths again!

MAY 24 TULSA OK- Mercury Lounge Tulsa 
MAY 30 KANSAS CITY MO- The Westport Saloon w/ Brother Bagman
MAY 31 MANHATTAN KS-@ Auntie Mae's
JUN 2 MCCOOK NB- La Cocina Leon
JUN 4 COLORADO SPRINGS- Front Range BBQ (W/ Grant Sabin)
JUN 5 DENVER CO- 3 Kings Tavern (w/ Hoot N Hollers & Granny Tweed)
JUN 6 BOULDER CO- @ Dead Leaf (w/ Howl Moonshine Howl)
JUN 7 FT COLLINS- Choice City Stomp (w/ Konrad WertCarrieNation AndThe SpeakeasyThe Calamity Cubes!
JUN 10 MISSOULA MT- Ole Beck VFW Post 209 (w/ Aran Buzzas & The Whiskey Hooves
JUN 13 PORTLAND OR- @ The Gnome 
JUN 16 ARCATA CA- @ Red Curtain Brewery
JUN 17 MENDOCINO CA- @ Dicks Place (w/ Gwyneth Elizabeth)
JUN 18 SEBASTOPOL CA- @ Red's Apple Roadhouse 
JUN 19 SANTA CRUZ- @ Parrish Parish Publick House
JUN 21 BIG SUR CA- The Maiden Publick House
JUN 24 LAS VEGAS NV- The Artistic Armory (w/ Bobby Meader)
JUN 27 MADRID NM- @ The Holler (w/ Lucy Barna)
JUN 28 TAOS NM- Historic Taos Inn 
JUN 30 TULSA OK- Mercury Lounge Tulsa

Winfield 2013 

After a year of waiting, I am very excited to head towards the Walnut Valley Festival tomorrow! This is the one of the most memorable festivals that I've ever been a part of. Friends, families, and pickers of all ages gather in the Pecan Grove to share there love of music. Can't wait to see you all down there!

No need to explain more, I believe these photos can explain it:
Photo is courtesy of RHR Photo.

Busker Fest 2013 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful weekend! I have been busking for nearly 10 years, but this was one of the most memorable weekends! I had a blast sharing songs with you on the street and meeting so many wonderful people. Busker Fest is by far one of my favorite times of year in Kansas :)

Take a look at this article!


Been living life completely off the grid. Without electricity and other distractions, I can finally center myself and find the true inspiration. New songs are already blossoming and I'm excited to be connected with nature even more. Been spending every night with my oil lamps glowing off the trees, listening to the coyotes and insects echo through the woods.

Taking in the springtime air... 

More than 20 catfish caught today. Good day to sit by the bank, take in the fresh air, and focus on the simple things in life Few things I enjoy more than relaxing with a pole by the water. Fish fry soon...

Back in the good state of Kansas 

Back home after a good good tour out west. Thank you musical family for all the love and support out there on the road. It was a blast and there were many great memories made. It's good to be back in Kansas, for it's time to get back outside in the beautiful weather and put my hands to work on my new home.
After a week of this I'll be looking forward to Festy Fest. I'm in dire need of a good festival! Looking forward to seeing you all there 3pm on Saturday
Hey everyone,

We will be playing this Friday (July 17th) at the Jackpot here in downtown Lawrence!

We don't play too much here in Lawrence, so we are very excited about this show and would love to see you out there! Plus, its a Friday night so come out for a drink!

We are playing with two other very talented bands that I know you would love to see live..

Asia and the Flavors (

Katlyn Conroy (

Show starts around 10pm,
small door charge probably $3-5

Hope to see you there!

- Tyler

June 29th, 2009

Oklahoma, Kansas, New york, New Jersey...

Now off to be on a canoe for three days!

I'll be playing in Manhattan on July 2nd for all you folks in that area.
If you find yourself in aggieville, stop by O'Malleys and say hello!
Show starts around 10:30

take good care,
hope your summer is treating you well


June 24th, 2009

There has been a lot of time on the road this last week and it couldn't be much better.

Ohio was a wonderful time to say the least. I played a show with some of the greatest people I have come in contact with in some time, Evan Harris & The Driftwood Motion. The small town bar could not have been a better time, and I won't forget the late nights singing in the living room.

I am in Edgewater New Jersey right now spending some time with some close friends near the city. It apparently has been raining for weeks straight here, but none the less its great to see the New York City Skyline once again from the front deck of this house.

There is nothing but good people and good times around here through the days.

I believe we are heading into the city today.

take good care



Thank you for everyone who came to the shows that we had in Manhattan last week!

It is a beautiful day here in Lawrence..

I am packing my bags once again on Monday to head out around the states for a little while. Hopefully with enough time on my hands I will be able to put out my case and busk anywhere possible. The streets of Ohio and the Subways of Chicago and New York are going to bring back so many great memories..

I am very excited to see old friends and meet new ones along the way..

My only set plan is a show in Circleville Ohio on June 19th at Tootles Pumkin Inn. I will be playing with a great musician and good friend, Evan Harris. If you find yourself in that area and are free that night, come out for a drink and say hello. Its a great town full of kind hearted people.

My apologies for those of you who have ordered the latest album. I have been waiting for a new set of stickers to come in the mail so I could include that with your cd, however, I haven't received them yet. I will be sending out the album this weekend and hopefully you will get it soon next week. My apologies once again!

take good care,

- tyler

Life has been very well these first summer months...

I am writing, recording, and performing music full time now. Its the greatest feeling that I have had in a while. I can focus and put more effort into something I love rather than having distractions. Life is much more enjoyable when every outcome is based around your own ideas. You can either dig yourself a big hole or be perfectly stable, its all based around what you want.

I have a list of gigs coming up that I am very excited about. I'll be on a roadtrip from The 16th of this month until the 24th to play a few shows and get away for a while. I will be visiting Chicago, Ohio, and New York. If you are in the area I am sure I will contact you before I arrive, but if not, lets get together to sing songs and share good conversations!

I am excited to be on the road again without a plan, only simple destinations.

Hope to see you at the show tonight in Manhattan!

take good care

Manhattan KS Pjs pub

Saturday June 6th

Show starts early!

Kids can dream
Kiss and Tell
Dimwit Syndicate
Tyler Gregory & The Blue Shuffle

Hope to see you all there! It has been a little time since we played in manhattan, so it would be great share some good times with you good people!

take good care!

May 2009

The weather has been perfect so I feel the need to be on my feet again to see new places and new people.

I am going to be playing a lot in the next couple of months around the states. I hope I can see my good
friends at the shows to share a drink and a good conversation.

Kanas, Colorado, Illinois, and New York.. I will be seeing you during these warm months.

Hard times for everyone have surely effected our summer tour plans. We will not be on the road in
June, however, will still travel while working on the new album.

It is time to head off for some busking outdoors..

Take a look to see when we'll be in your area


A new addition to the family..

Tuesday April 7th 2009

Saturday April 4th 2009

The floorboards have fell where the dog used to lay and this tin roof has cracked at the seams
I'll take a walk through the moonlight set fire from the pine just to bring my troubled mind to ease
night after night I'll take rest to a peaceful tune,
its the howling echo of the coyotes singing to the light of the moon,

I'll take a hand to the still while the sun rises up from the sour mash that I sat to the side
Fill my jug with moonshine pass it around while my loved ones sing through the night
we will pass as dust and flow through wind, carry legacy's through others life's
its a short life to live, an edge of a whim, from the start until the day we die

these ragged woods are my sanction for my personal ways
I sat down with the devils who wrapped me up with a ball and chain
Now I claim no harm for my labor as a bootlegging man
I'm as equal to you as I am to this ground on which I stand

The vines reach my doorway and the door blows free as its carried away with the wind
my fortress rests on this land thats been plowed through the years just telling me where its been
The fortune of a man who was battered and beat will carry on for the rest of our days
Lord you see a poor mans fall is just a rich mans gain in this world full of irrational ways

I waltz through evening with shadows cast, by nights lantern that fills my cup to the brim
If in this cutthroat world we only care for one, tell me how does anybody win.
Lonely times of drought will surely be graced by days of quenching rain,
Shallow brooks quickly rise, rushing waters abide, together we share nature's gift and gain.

Wednesday, April 1st 2009

I got a package in the mail the other day and was very surprised to see that it was from my friend Mathew who lives on the east coast. He traveled through Kansas last winter in a van with my good friend Mikey during their cross country trip towards California. Mathew designs some amazing jewelry that he was able to show me while they stayed here. As we were going through all of his jewelry a particular wrap caught my attention, not only was it a beautiful work of art but it was also named "Eva" (just like my guitar).

I opened the mail and to my surprise there she was in a beautiful case. I have a lot of jewelry that I hold close to me that carry a lot of meaning, but this is by far a work of art that I will never let go and I will add to my collection of gifts. Thank you so very much Mathew, it means a lot. Keep a close eye on your mailbox.

- a certain wrap from his collection

Please check out his jewelry at and take into consideration owning one of these pieces.

take good care and explore something new...

March 30th, 2009

R.I.P. Popcorn Sutton  (Please watch this Popcorn Sutton video)

PARROTTSVILLE, Tenn. – Legendary Haywood County moonshiner Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton took his own life because he couldn’t stand the thought of going to prison, his wife said today.

Pam Sutton said she found her husband Monday afternoon dead of carbon monoxide poisoning outside their home in Cocke County.

“He got his letter to report Friday, and he just couldn’t handle it,” she said. “We tried everything we could to leave him on house arrest, and they wouldn’t do it. So I thank the federal court for this.

“And he was really sick. He was depressed. I didn’t know he was that depressed.”

Sutton, 62, spent much of his life making moonshine, a craft that brought him fame and a string of criminal convictions dating back to the 1970s. He was facing 18 months in federal prison on moonshining and weapons charges and had told a judge at his sentencing he was in poor health and would rather die at home than in jail.

Pam Sutton said she went into town to run errands and couldn’t find her husband at their house when she returned. She found him at the rear of their property inside his beloved old Ford Fairlane, which was running, she said.

“He called it his three-jug car because he gave three jugs of liquor for it,” she said. “He had painted it John Deere green and it had yellow wheels. He had drove it to California and back.

“He was a good man, he really was."

Federal authorities arrested Sutton a year ago on charges of running a moonshine operation that produced hundreds of gallons of liquor.

A judge in January sentenced him to 18 months in prison, rejecting arguments that Sutton had learned his lesson and was too ill to serve time.

“I'd like to die at home instead of in a penitentiary,” Sutton said in court at the sentencing.

Nearly 1,500 people had signed petitions asking for leniency in his sentence.

Born near Maggie Valley, N.C., Sutton was revered by some for preserving a dying piece of mountain history.

His reputation grew beyond the mountains through a book and film he produced about his craft and Internet and cable TV documentaries in which he demonstrated how to make his famous liquor.

Sutton evoked curiosity from people around the world, drawing tourists to places like the Misty Mountain Ranch Bed and Breakfast in Maggie Valley, which has a suite dedicated to the moonshiner.

“He made a very big impact on the whole world because people have called me from all different countries, all over the U.S., asking for his books and tapes and anything you could tell him about Popcorn,” said Misty Mountain co-owner Karen Hession.

Hession and her husband had been friends of Sutton for more than 10 years.

Hession said he captured the spirit of the mountains, but there was also a gentle side to the man that those close to him knew well.

“He was a very kind, thoughtful person,” she said. “I wish everybody knew him like we did.”

March 29th, 2009

We traveled to Wichita last weekend and had one of the greatest weekends in a very long time. Played a few shows and spent three days out in the open country with some good friends. Both of the shows were more than wonderful, thank you to everyone who came out and supported. Also, a big thank you to Ron and Cass for your great hospitality and showing us a great time. I am looking forawrd to making my way in that direction soon.

The album is coming along well. We are almost complete with the writing and will be recording in May by our good friend Cody Simpson.The release of 10 songs is set for this Summer.

We are starting to book our summer tour. If anyone in any of these areas enjoys putting on house shows.. we love playing them! Just send me an e-mail and hopefully we can make something happenn..

Tour dates:

Jun 12 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Lawrence, Kansas
Jun 13 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Manhattan, Kansas
Jun 14 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Kansas City, Kansas
Jun 15 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Columbia, Missouri
Jun 16 2009 8:00P
@ TBA St Louis, Missouri
Jun 17 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Iowa City, Iowa
Jun 18 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Detriot, Michigan
Jun 19 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Columbus, Ohio
Jun 20 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Cincinnati, Ohio
Jun 21 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Louisville, Kentucky
Jun 22 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Knocksville, Kentucky
Jun 23 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Memphis, Tennessee
Jun 24 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Fayetteville, Arkansas
Jun 25 2009 8:00P
@ TBA Joplin, Missouri
Jul 11 2009 8:00P
Wedding Wichita, Kansas
Aug 1 2009 8:00P
@ Manhattan City Park Manhattan, Kansas

I lost some people around me this year, so here is a new song in the works...

I hold my pen more than my lover

It was a long road that we drove through one day
a painting hangs on the wall, as the piano begins to play
the morning sunlights shade, brings the dew here in the fall
Its been a long year without you so far

Lace curtains hang through windows like blankets of ghosts
Light splits the corners through my haze of scattered smoke
As I drink strong whiskey on that wood bench behind the bar
I think to myself I've been down without you so far

For the sense I could make it goes for what I choose
But these things in life I've won won't compare to what I lose
Your stone beneath the red wing, pedals will fall in time
Because when all my hope is broken you'll be resting inside my mind

I hold my pen more than my lover in these solitary times
To myself I'm one shade closer to that chalked outline
Its always held its meaning, but holds nothing for me today
Its been a long long year since you've been away

For the sense I could make it goes for what I choose
But these things in life I've won won't compare to what I lose
Your stone beneath the red wing, pedals will fall in time
Because when all my hope is broken you'll be resting inside my mind

March 20th, 2009

Springtime has finally settled in so it is time to break up the soil and start planting. Everyone seems to be coming at the same level of peace with all of this great weather and it is making me feel more productive than ever. The Barbecues, sing alongs, and fires are going to be a must for this season..

I have to say that traveling to Ohio the other week was just a nice break from this place. It is a beautiful state filled with (from my experiences) nothing but beautiful hills, greenery, trees, farm lands, and truly kind people. The Lee Baby Sims guys drove with me in the back of the van for 14 hours and made some wonderful stories. Could not have done this without Tom Waits, zippos, rest stops, and sing alongs in the van with guitars. Thank you everyone for your great hospitality, and thank you Pumkin Inn for your kindness and allowing us to use the stage. I can't wait to head back that direction.

We are off for some travels this weekend around Kansas. There is an old video of us one morning in the living room on the "photo/video" section of the site

take good care

March 2nd, 2009

All of my writings from the last couple years have been deleted. I had my thoughts from all of my travels and encounters with new people.. but they have vanished. No worries though! I suppose that just shows me that internet is truly make believe and I should do everything by ink and paper.

I got some new mail in today. Thank you so much for the greetings everyone, it is always great to see the art of writing letters is still alive. I'll send out some here shortly!

The new album is coming along well! These are a collection of songs from all my traveling this last year, and I am excited to write and speak the story through the songs.

take good care and enjoy what is around you,